meet the boomer boys!


A fun-loving “fat pack” of middle-aged men who realize the best way to deal with getting older is to laugh about it  with your friends. That’s exactly what these guys do as they navigate  everything from the depths of expanding waistlines to the heights of  Viagra.

Ladies,  now  is your chance to find out what men are really thinking as this hilarious evening of songs covers everything from snoring and hair loss to weight gain and lost car keys. And all’s well that ends well as our  mid-life quartet concludes with the inspirational revelation that  you’ll never be younger than you are today! 

If a hilarious night of  songs, jokes and stories is on your to-do  list, let the Boomer Boys check it off!

 Songs Include:
 My God I Am My Father
 His Prostate is the Size of a Buick
 Noises in the Night
 My Get Up and Go Has Gone
 Hair Makes the Man
 Bucket List 


The Boomer Boys

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Boomer Boys 60-second Trailer

"You'll Never Be Younger Than You Are Today"